An embarassment of riches

Today wa some sort of no-school day for many of the schools (not mine, though), so during our afternoon homework club several of our colleagues came by to help out! Which was cool, because I’ve come down with some sort of itinerant icky and didn’t want to be playing the role of Typhoid Mary by handling the food and breathing on the kids (or getting breathed on by them and getting something far worse while my guard is down). So just as I’m seriously beginning to wonder how I was going to pull this off without simply abandoning my work partner to the well-coifed wolves that make up our little group, I find out that we’re getting reinforcements! Yay!

OTOH, you’d think it’d be easier to wrangle a handful of kids when you have a handful (albeit a smaller smaller handful) of grown-ups, but that did not prove to be the case. 😀 Similar to the way work balloons out to fill available time and expenses grow to fill available income, apparently child-based mayhem expands to fit available grown-up attention.

As for me, I stayed inside and worked on our child-usable computer to get it up and running for the kids. On the plus, I discovered that it actually has useful things like Word and Excel, so I can get stuff done. On the negative side, I discovered that seeing the Excel icon resulted in a disturbingly excessive level of excitement on my part. I almost bounced up and down at the prospect of doing spreadsheets.

I really gotta get out more.

On another interesting note, we had the kids do a questionnaire to determine the subject of this semester’s service project (a ten-week process where they learn about something important to them and about the value of service to others at the same time). A lot of the responses touched on drugs and gangs. Which fits in nicely, actually, since we’re part of a big anti-gang message process this year. So it looks like we’ll be coming up with someway to work that into our activities.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be over whatever craptastic crud has me in it’s grip before tomorrow (cross fingers). For now, I’ve got some work to catch up on. Chiao.

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