Walk this way

Every day, after I finish work at my morning site, I walk the mile+ to my afternoon site. And so far, I’m loving this time I get to spend with myself. It’s healthy (although there’s a running battle between the trend toward fitness created by the walking and it’s antithetical nemesis, wrought by eating homework club snack leftovers), it’s peaceful and it’s beautiful. Even though I am walking through some fairly poor areas of town, there are flowers everywhere. One yard has the absolute biggest, bluest morning glories I have ever seen (enjoyably, all of the morning glories on my walk are still going strong at noon). And wildlife, like ginormous bugs, gorgeous spiders and the occasional turtle to be helped across the road.

Today, I came across a fine example of Black-and-Yellow Argiope, otherwise known as the yellow orb weaver, only for once the spider had built her perfect, orb-y web right at face level in the shrubbery so I could gawk to my heart’s delight without staring into the sun or getting a crick in my neck. A circumstance of which, I must admit, I took enthusiastic advantage.

One yard along the route has the most astounding bamboo thicket I have ever laid eyes on within a city’s limits. It goes way back into the lot and is several yards wide. Very lush, very luxuriant growth growing very thickly. It’s quite the sight and I just love running my hands through the rough foliage as I pass under/through the overhang.

Also on the boggle-and-ogle list is the porcelain berry shrub that pops up halfway there. Porcelain berry is an aggressive and invasive plant which, none the less is the hands-down winner for the most striking display of fruit I’ve ever seen (that’s not a pic I took, btw, just a reasonably faithful representation via Google Images. Here’s another fine specimen.). You know those hens that lay the colored eggs? Yeah, like that only in deep, rich assorted colors. At first, I thought it had to be some lost bit of plastic greenery, since it’s hard to believe such a range of artificial-looking colors coming from a natural plant. But, there it is, in all its teal-eggplant-skyblue glory. Amazing. There’s another plant, too, that I haven’t been able to identify to day (it’s an arching, maybe shrubby plant that has teeny-tiny red-pink tri-lobed late Sept/Oct blooming flowers (seedpods?) streaming in all directions in long racemes/sprays). If you have any likely suspects, shoot me a link in the comments.

In any case, between the wildflowers, the intentional plantings, the wildlife and the other sights, my walk is one of the highlights of my day. I hope I can keep it up when the weather turns – no telling what I might see.

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