Gettin’ it done

Finally starting to begin the process of actually matching students at need in the school system with the volunteers we’ve been accumulating. Coolness. It’s a complicated process, since you have volunteers and students with widely varying availabilities (Mon afternoons 1-2:15, Tues and Thur am 9:30-11, NOT Wednesdays, every other Fri at 2). Like that. And you have to find a match between Tab A and Slot B so that the kids get the time they need, the volunteers get the time they need (some are college students who have minimum community service hours) and no one gets tagged out of turn. I’ve got so many spreadsheets going, I’m beginning to think in cell values. I probably need a matrix or something complicated like that, but I have to draw the line at that. Too many scary flashbacks from College Algebra. I’m just not going there.

Anyway, it’s actually going pretty well; at least I think so. My supervisor seems pleased, anyway. And if she’s happy, I’m happy. Double bonus points if all the kids and volunteers are happy (no word on that yet).

Had a great day in homework club, too. Got some more signups (we’re at 9 total). Everybody was very well behaved. There was one meltdown, but both parties chose to just separate and cool off rather than fight, which was a wonderful behavior choice (and we told them so), so that was actually alright, too. Any chance these kids get to make a bad choice, and don’t take it, is a good day. Maybe not the sort of really good day where you don’t have any bad choices to make, but c’mon…how many of those do any of us have (not counting days spent bedridden with the flu or the latest best-seller)? That’s what I thought. They all did their homework, ate heartily and went outside to play basketball for an hour or so. I call that a good day. Hoooah!

Tomorrow, we’re going to get together early and plan out our first service project. We have to do 2 10-week projects with the kids, and we want to make sure we can do it in consecutive weeks without being sidelined by holidays and so forth, before the winter break arrives. So, lots of scheduling, planning and basic pow-wowwing to do during lunch. It’s all good, though. Racking up those buffer hours against future need. 😀

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