A day late and a dollar short

Sorry for the post lapse. We got in late last night from a lecture on Gender Based Learning Differences, one in a series of lectures sponsored by ChildrenFirst. It was very informative, based mainly on the work of Micheal Gurian, Ph.D. Some factoids I gleaned:

1. On those Functional MRI scans, women’s brains are as “hot” (in terms of blood usage and activity) at rest as men’s brains are during activities (meaning women’s brains are always on and men can actually sorta shut their brain off when they’re not using it, which explains why the hubster is always sound asleep 10 minutes after his head hits the pillow while I’m up all night verifying my grocery list and rehearsing what I’m going to say when I meet Brad Pitt.)

2. After puberty, men have between 5 and 7 testosterone “peaks” during the day, whereas women have monthly hormone cycles. Which explains an awful lot. Although I’m positive that “5-7 peaks” is a lower bound.

3. Girls have greater sensory sensitivity than boys, by upwards of 10 times as much. Which explains that “Princess and the Pea” syndrome that hubby accuses me of. The merest whisper of sound, mildest skin irritation, teensiest irregularity in my socks can bug me to distraction, while to him it seems like I’m reacting to things that aren’t even there. Now I know it’s biological. Uhmm…hold on a minute, will you? I think I’m sitting on a pointy piece of dust.

Ahhhh, that’s better.

Anyway, that was yesterday. Today was just more of the same old, same old. (Remarkable how quickly life goes from “scary unknown” to completely unblogworthy tedium, eh?) In any case, the highlight of today was handing out the new backpacks in homework club that we were given to treat the first 12 sign-ups. We don’t actually have 12 yet, but we gave out the first 6 anyway.

Two lessons learned this week are that large quanitites of fishsticks and seasoned potato wedges will endear you to kids with a vengence, and that I need to go back to elementary school. At least, I do if I’m going to be helping these kids with their homework, anyway. Probabilities in 6th grade math? Coordinating and subordinating conjunctions in English…huh? I mean, I know how to use the stuff in context. But it’s not like we’re on a first name basis anymore, yanno? My greatest fear is that we’re going to mess up some kid’s homework so bad that their grades will actually go down during their time with us. Gah.

On a personal note, being poor sucks. It could be worse. But it still sucks. Luckily, I’ve got a few nibbles on my copywriting bait, and one payment already invoiced. But I owe the IRS something like a grand for this year’s estimated taxes and they scare me a far sight more than not eating does, so you know where a lot of that money’s going. That, and a new computer mouse. My current one (which is actually a novelty mouse replacing the one that started having epileptic fits) is just phenomenonally resistant to functionality and is starting to crap out of what little it stoops to, at that. Apparently, once mice are in my possession, their lifespans are significantly shortened. I’m like the high-tar, nicotine-enhanced touch-o-doom for computer mice, cutting great honking whacks of time off the end of their servicable lives. God only knows why; it’s not like I’m doing anything untoward with them. Apparently, it’s just one of those things. Some people make watches stop. Other people wreck cars. I kill mice. Except I don’t really kill them, per se. They just sink into a sort of physically impaired senility and lanquish there until I free them from their undead servitude. Mwaahhahahhahha! Er…ahem. Anyway. Moving on…

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