More racism training, and planning

Today we watched a training video (RACE: The Power of Illusion) that explored the history of genetic science used to legitimize racism. Interestingly, although I knew there was very little actual genetic differences between people, I didn’t realize just how little it was and how random the differences were. Turns out there is more difference between members of a specific race than between them and members of an outside race. They had some students doing actual DNA testing on some of their mitochondrial DNA, and comparing the results to each other and a global database. One of the whitest kids was not only a 100% match for a Balkan native (expected) whose DNA snippet was in the database, he was also a 100% match for an African. And another student who was ancestrally Japanese also matched a Balkan. Makes me wish I could DNA test white supremacists and hand them a printout of all the “impure” people their DNA matched up with. Heh…happy thoughts. šŸ˜€

The afternoon, we spent doing some planning for the week ahead. Found some activities and stuff online to keep the kiddies busy, planned a the meals out, had lunch and called it a day. Ah, short Fridays are the best. I hear rumors of a toga party, but dunno if I’m going. It’s already almost party time and the hubster’s not back from work yet. No big loss, though. I’ve lost my party edge somewhere back along the way (probably about the same time I picked up fuzzy socks and sensible shoes.)

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