Hi ho, hi ho…eh, you know the rest

Backpost for Thursday:

Back at home, back to work. Spent most of Thursday catching up on stuff that piled up while I was at the Launch. My biggest complaint about my morning site so far is the feeling of JITT (just in time training), in that I rarely know what I’m supposed to be doing until it’s late. There aren’t a whole lot of processes in place for what I’m doing that are written down or otherwise stored outside of the head of the person who has been doing it up to this point, so I’m sort of having to ask as I go and hoping I don’t drop the ball simply because I don’t know anyone’s throwing in my direction.

The afternoon was pretty cool. We’re starting to get some more kids in. We had 6 yesterday. A few issues came up (getting the kids to concentrate on actually doing homework as opposed to sitting around gossiping about other kids at school, getting them to stop doing crafts and clean up, etc – standard stuff). Other than that, the big issue is when and how do I start trying to haul in volunteers. Personally, I want to wait until our student population settles into something that could be considered a “norm.” Otherwise, I just don’t know who and what we need. OTOH, having some help wrangling the kids would make it possible for one of us to stay downstairs to meet-n-greet, clean, cook, plan, organize, etc.

We’re still in the figuring out process, but it seems to be working out better than some of our colleagues. So we’re thankful for small blessings.

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