Mmmm…more hot-doggy goodness

Today’s Fri meeting we watched the debriefing from the Blue Eyed program we watched during training , which helped clarify some things that I had learned in the original viewing, and helped me understand some of the issues I might be dealing with, especially the prospect of outright resistance to our offers of help. One of the BE participants who was in the “oppressed” group noted that even if he were to have seen support or help from the “privileged” group during the event, in his current state of mind he would have been suspicious and wary of that, simply because he couldn’t be sure he wouldn’t be betrayed if he “fell for it.” Put into that context, this behavior suddenly made a great deal more sense to me, whereas before I knew it was possible (even probable), but didn’t really get why. Lots of insights, lots of discussion. Annoyingly, the DVD player sound was way to low to be heard comfortably, so I’m wondering what I may have missed. I may borrow it sometime to review.

In the good news column, Tammy brought a few boxes of food from MANNA food bank for us to root through and I scored some serious chick pea booty. Also got some multi-grain pastas, some vegetarian mixes and some organic pop tarts. Seriously happy making. I told Tammy that I would take all the chickpeas she could score (she had wavered at snagging the #10 cans because she wasn’t sure we could use that much – hah! Hubby eats them out of the can for a snack and they are the basis for a good handful of our favorite dishes. I told her that I would take whatever she could get. We have plenty of storage space.)

This afternoon was spent working at the Deaverview cookout. Yummmmm…more wieners! I demonstrated my amazing talents as a lemonade-cooler-tender, keeping the cups full and the lemony goodness flowing. Also did my share of cookie fairy time, plus cleanup.

Wow. They have way more kids (and sign-ups) than we did. What a riot. Literally! Also installed their hasp locks, having brought hubby’s power screw-gun to work with me for this purpose. Now their supplies and office materials are safe from growing feet and walking out of the apt. Would have gotten their air conditioner installed, too, but we had the wrong type of screws.

So, finally, I’ve seen the last of the hot dogs for a while. Thank dog. I was beginning to get woozy from the smell of grilling porkers. Poor pigs. They gave their all for the betterment of at-risk youth.

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