Hot dogs! Get your red-hot hot dogs!

Today was hot dog dinner day at the afterschool gig. It went well. I managed to use my OCD Turbo-Cleaning Superpowers to keep abreast of the mess as it was made (which also, not incidentally, kept me out of the direct sun for most of the event), and the rest of the team managed the hot dog grillin’, plate fillin’, condiment spillin’ and lemonade chillin’ end of things. As a result we have a small, but worthwhile, number of homework club sign-ups. More should come as word gets out and the kids start having fun and making cool crafts.

Also got a “new” computer for the homework club today (in all reality, a not-being-used one from the main office) only, because it was hooked up to a network and now isn’t, there isn’t enough free space on the main partition to run the thing. So I gotta pull the plug on it and haul it back to the office to be re-partitioned and reloaded by the appointed IT guys. Gah.

That was the big event of the day, except for the amazing disappearing-reappearing file-o-doom computer weirdness I dealt with during my morning site. I was creating a three-fold pamphlet for one of my supervisors (needed immediately, of course – computers never fail unless and until you’re on a critical deadline) when, in the course of moving some photos off a flash drive and into My Documents, the contents of said Documents file – literally everything a guidance counselor’s office requires to function – almost entirely disappeared.

*grabs heart, stumbles back*

So we re-booted, deciding it was a glitch that would resolve itself, and it did. Except that the folder I was working in (which contained everything I’ve done for and need to do for said supervisor – including the need-it-now pamphlet, the entire student participant spreadsheet and many other critical files) were gone. No trace. Nada. I even searched the C drive and the network backup and found nothing.

Enter the computer lab guru. Who, after some creative search techniques, finally found them in the newly-created-and-never-before-heard-of “z” network drive which apparently spontaneously formed mid-glitch and populated itself by swiping random folders from My Documents.

WTF? Anyone ever heard of this happening? Even the tech guru was stumped.

Anyway *huge sigh of relief* all my stuff is back and the office is giving me a CD R-RW tomorrow so I can make my own backups (oh, yeah!). Because it’s not like I can just FTP my stuff to an online server – it’s all hyper-secure school network stuff and they’re very touchy about stuff like that.

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