Finishing touches

Didn’t do much today during the morning except tidy up a volunteer spreadsheet and create a flyer. Finished the bulletin board, too. I’m settling in pretty well there – I have just about enough to keep my busy without feeling like I’m being pushed down a hill on skates. 😀 My supervisors and I seem to be getting along pretty well, and they seem pleased with my work so I’m happy with that. We’ll be getting baseline evaluations sometime in the near future. It’ll be good to see where I need to work on stuff. It’s cliche but true that you can never see your own faults as clearly as others do, and I’m all about the growth thing.

Rained during my walk (all day, really), but not too bad. So far, the weather has been pretty agreeable and even the rainy days aren’t taxing my gear so it’s all good. Tried another route to my afternoon site – shorter, but more time walking through the housing development. No problems that I could see. No one bothered me (of course, it was coldly raining outside, so that was a factor). Good to have alternate routes to mix it up a bit.

Just putting the finishing touches on the homework club apt – some hasp locks for the pantry and craft supplies closet to deter walking supplies. Got new locks for the apt doors. Put up a paper towel holder next to the counter (very handy). Even had the desks live-tested for homework effectiveness by a colleagues young son as she helped us get our supplies for tomorrow’s Hot Dog Cookout stacked up on the table. We’re locked, loaded and ready to go. Should be fun!

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