Back in the saddle…

Yergh…whatever I had yesterday is still vaguely lingering around the edges, but I felt better as the day progressed. Spent my morning cleaning up the stuff I didn’t get to yesterday and putting up a “Volunteer of the Month” bulletin board. I so rock at cutting out construction paper letters. Go me!

Finally, we got to do the walk-around at Pisgah View to spread the word about the homework club being open. We’ll have a hot-dog dinner Thursday, which should bring them all out of the woodwork. That took most of the afternoon, and we spent the rest of it sorting and putting away the goodies we bought Friday. We had hoped to have the kids actually enrolled by now and whatnot, but it is what it is. This way, we have more time to prepare so maybe it’s for the best.

Spent about an hour helping out at the Woodridge homework club’s hotdog dinner tonight – great trial run for our own. I’ve never seen so much ketchup and mustard spread around. I got to be the cookie fairy, handing out Oreos. Always good to start off on the right note. Whew, those kids are gonna run us ragged. 😀

In other news, our EBT (food stamps) card got “refilled” today, so it was happy-making time. We went grocery shopping with wild abandon. Okay, maybe more like frugally-shopped and closely-calculated abandon, but none the less it felt good to spend fifty-some dollars on groceries, even if it was all outlet stores and Aldi’s. And you can get good stuff at the outlet stores around here – since the baseline first-tier retail is such high quality, the overstocks and nearly-expireds are still primo stuff. I’m munching on pizza now made from half-priced Boboli whole wheat crust and it tastes just as good as the full-priced version. My fridge bottom is stocked with an entire flat (close to a month’s worth) of not-quite-expired Brown Cow (a fave brand) blueberry yogurt singles for the same price of one or two yogurt quarts that normally keep me a week. And at the farmer’s market, I can get some serious poundage of things like potatoes and onions for the same price as the little yuppie-bags in the supermarket.

Being in Americorps means being poor, even with our extra income (Thom’s not getting as much work as he would like from his contractor brokers and while I’ve got some work coming down the pike, but it’s not here yet). Of course, I’ve always been cheaper than bulk-rate dirt frugal and willing to buy dented, dubious and dated merchandise for the great savings, so it’s not as big a stretch for us as it’s going to be for some of my more sheltered colleages. Still and all, it’s a tough month – only half a month’s pay to work with, since last month we only had two weeks in altogether, plus all the deposits and extra bills/fees from starting up utilities and whatnot piling up on top of our normal expenditures and (a matter of bad timing more than anything else) a sudden drop in additional incoming income are all conspiring to make Sept the perfect financial storm for us. Gah.

It’s getting nippier out, too. I can smell Fall in the air. Brought out my Americorps hoodie for the cookout. Brrr…those daily walks are fixing to get chilly fast. Time to drag out the winter clothes.

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