Meetings and shopping

Today was our first Friday meeting, which was fun. We all shared our high and low point for the week (tales of lunch money dropped in the toilet, members showing up on their first day and left alone in classrooms full of students, good and bad experiences with staff at the respective sites, etc). Then we went through a whole pack of paperwork we’ll be working with throughout the year – lots to learn and keep up with. It’s all grant-based stuff and, as our supervisor keeps telling us, if it isn’t documented it didn’t happen. Lot of questions were asked and answered, Bojangles biscuits were eaten and then those of us running homework clubs hit the stores to stock up on stuff we need.

We hit Target and the Dollar Tree, in that order (although in my opinion it is preferable to do it the other way around and just get at Target what you can’t find at the DT) and we loaded up on goodies like pencils, paper, scissors (the pointy kind – we’re living dangerously), feminine hygiene products (just in case), kitchenwear, towels for the bathroom, science project backboards, fire extinguishers, cleaning gear – the works. Still need pots and pans, but the stuff we need is just too expensive new so Tammy’s going to see if she can hunt down some cheaper alternatives in the used restaurant supply brokers and whatnot.

A good day, but I missed lunch in the process, so I’m gonna cut this short and get something to eat. See ya!

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