Second verse, same as the first…but with undies!

Yeah, except for the rain (there wasn’t any) today was much like yesterday, with one big exception. Underwear inventory.

Yup, underwear inventory. I work in the guidance counselor’s office at an elementary school. And young kids have a habit of having accidents, either biological or environmental, that require a change of clothes. Ergo, the counselor’s office has a bin of various-sized packs of kids’ underwear. But why, you ask, is the volunteer coordinator inventorying the underoos? Well, for the simple fact that the majority of our undie stash is donated by a certain group of volunteers, the coordinator of which I am meeting with tomorrow morning for the first time. Hence, an underwear inventory, so that I can pass on to her a current snapshot of our panty collection so she can fill in the gaps.

And that’s the glamourous job of volunteer coordinating, folks. You do what you gotta do to get the job done, even if it means building a spreadsheet of children’s underwear, broken down by size and gender, and including socks and other items like camisoles and t-shirts (some accidents are larger than others, it would appear).

So that was my morning, awash in a sea of picot-lace edging and teeny-tiny-whitey-tighties. Well, not entirely. I got some basic how-to’s on the volunteer sign-in process, created an informational program flyer to hand off to our volunteer connection along with the undie list, did some planning and scheduling, started the process of getting an email account set up on the school system and got tomorrow’s work set up so I can jump right in when I get there. Not bad for 4 hours’ work.

The afternoon, also, was much the same as yesterday. More organizing, inventorying, cleaning and sorting of goods and furniture. Plus a quick equipment check on the donated computer, which turned out to have a European power cord (for which a replacement was found) and discovered to be fully loaded with all the latest Microsoft gear…circa 1995.

Gah. I’m talking Windows 95 and Microsoft WORKS, here, folks. And not a trace of Office to be seen of any vintage. Plus, the external drivers are either not connected or don’t seem to be functional, and the printer seems to lack any sort of screen image alignment controls, which sucks seeing as how the image is off-center and not covering the full screen. It’s not looking good.

Second half of the afternoon, however, we left the site and stormed the office with a list of demands inventory shortfalls and wishlists, and also to make some copies in preperation for our massive development-wide “y’all come” sign-up drive, complete with kung-fu gripping FREE HOT DOG COOKOUT bribery. We’d hoped to get the flyers out today, but that simply wasn’t enough lead time for the development staff, so we’re looking at Monday. Puts us back a few days, but better slow and right than fast and wrong, as our supervisor said. As a continuation of the Mercury-in-retrograde-on-steroids collapse of the machine world, the copier seemed to be having serious toner rejection issues (which sucks when you’re making several hundred copies), although I finally prevailed after half an hour of muttered threats and desperate consultations, albeit in a half-tone sorta way. Also, I shared the bad news about the computer and subsequently received the good news that they are going to swap out the creature from the dark-ages lagoon for an office extra, complete with XP, Office and everything. Yipee!

(This is good news, insinuating the prospect of productivity and compatible document formats. And yet, it feels vaguely disturbing to feel so good about snapping up Microsoft scraps. Like missing lunch, then going for seconds on the cheap supermarket sheet cake at your grandmother’s wake. Mmmmm…cake! Oh well, it’s for the kiddies.)

Hell, I even got my timesheet in early, ’cause that’s just how I roll. Hooah!

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