First day “on the job”

Gah. 6:30 am comes early hereabouts. Especially when you’ve been trying but unable to get back to sleep since you woke up at 5-ish am.

Anyway, first day actually “on the job” and no one died. I count that as a win, and count coup on my worst fears.

I spent the morning mostly yak shaving, deep in the hinterlands of seemingly unconnected filing and copying that all needed to be done just so I could finish the project I started out doing, but them’s the breaks when working during the start-up phase of any cyclical endeavor like a school. So much of what needs to be done first simply isn’t, yet, because the staff’s been busy doing silly stuff like planning a year’s curriculum and making sure that children aren’t left sleeping on the bus past their stop.

By the end of the morning, however, I finally managed to rewind the yo-yo all the way back up to the original task and finish that (as much as could be finished without haring off into other yak-shaving tangents, anyway) and even got a bit of non-essential busywork done at the end, so hooah!

Since it’s just a mile between my school and the afterschool homework club, I’m walking, both for the exercise and because it would take more time than the walk itself just to make other arrangements every day. Today was rainy, but not too bad. More of a drizzle than a real rain, but steady. Enrobed in my rain gear and sheltered under the free bank umbrella, I was mostly warm and mostly dry. No doubt there’ll be days I’ll need to arrange rides, but barring crisis weather or weirdly demographed street riots I should be fine. As a result, I get there early enough to have my lunch and take a break before the 2-4 shift starts.

In the afterschool homework club itself (actually, a two-story three-bedroom apt in the housing development), we’re still in the clean-and-organize process, inventorying our supply of crayons, food items and other kid-vital goodies (irresponsible quantities of glitter – check, cases of donated chicken and dumplings (gross!) – check, toilet paper…uh…hmm…Houston, we have a problem…). We got a goodly bit done today towards taming the mess and getting it in some sort of rational order, including some logistics work re: the upcoming signup campaign. So, all is well and on track to open the doors to the kiddies Monday!

Tomorrow we walk the development (with a friendly guide so we don’t get lost or accosted) handing out sign-up sheets and meeting qualified parents. Hopefully we’ll get our roster of 25 kids without having to stump too much. You’d think with over 100 names, it’d be a stampeed, but apparently not.

Next week some time there’s a plan to host a hot dog roast/eat-n-greet. Veggie me says “Ewwwww…I’m soooo not touching anyone’s weinie!” But cookouts are a popular and cheap way to get people to come and hang out and listen to your homework club spiel. We’ll just have to see if we can get a pinch griller.

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