Budgeting, gearing up for the big day, shmoozing

Today’s training was a class in budgeting, helpful when you’re trying to live in a high-end tourist destination on something like 10G a year. Most of the stuff I already knew, just by virtue of years of experience, but it never hurts to hear it again. You always pick up something new and useful (for example, I now know that due to credit rating changes, that looming high credit limit on my cards is actually good for my credit rating, since it creates a smaller debt-to-limit ratio. Good to know.)

After lunch, we spent some time doing Q&A with Tammy about our upcoming assignments, getting the last odds and ends of vital info we’ll need to put the pieces together on just what the heck we’re supposed to be doing and how to make that work. Spent some time in the office creating some forms and stuff we’ll need later. Got some of our gear in, too, so at least we have something “official” to wear when needed.

Spent the evening at a Chamber of Commerce meet-and-eat, Business After Hours. Made a few strong contacts there for both my own private work and for Children First, educated some folks who hadn’t heard of us and basically had a great time dusting off my ex-entertainer, networking guru Smooze-O-Rama persona. Very productive evening, lots of fun. Plus there was an amazing buffet of great eats as well, so that’s always a plus. 😀

And now I’m off to enjoy my 4-day weekend before the hard work commences. Ta!

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