The care and feeding of volunteers

Today was an all-day Volunteer Management course, wherein we learned such things as how to find, recruit and retain volunteers, tactic and strategies for making the volunteer process go smoothly and productively, how to interview and evaluate volunteers and even the dreaded “how to fire a volunteer” process.

Wow. I feel tons better already. This was one of my biggest concerns (especially since one of my jobs is as a volunteer coordinator). This was an amazing class and I really appreciate the work and the detail that went into it. We all walked away with a Volunteer Management Toolkit folder stuffed with sheets covering all the major issues, including ideas, resources, procedures, how-to’s and much, much more. This seems to have filled a major hole in my confidence balloon, so it’s starting to actually inflate and rise rather than hovering at eye-level dithering around and hampering my wider view.

I finally got all the member emails, so I’ll send out invites to the Yahoo! group I set up earlier this week sometime tomorrow. Just too tired to do it tonight. Lots of densely packed but valuable info to absorb plus an afternoon spent unsuccessfully thrift-store shopping for professional duds equals naptime.

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