Adolescent Brain Development and cleaning house

The title pretty much sums up my day. Part 1 was an early-morning “dress up for the sponsors” lecture on Adolescent Brain Development (which was quite well-done and very educational, I might add – turns out that all that rebellion is good for you after all.)

Part 2 was a day of cleaning house – specifically, the housing development apt where our afterschool homework club will be held. On the upside, it has a ginormous and fairly well-stocked pantry for making snacks (aka dinner) for the kids. On the downside, it has no air conditioner and lousy air-flow. And it was a mess, too. Old food in the fridge, dishes that are still sticky after being washed several times, basic dirt and crud everywhere and no apparent rhyme or reason to the kitchen’s inventory of goods (various foods all jammed together with no order or pattern, a lot of this and none of that, and so on).

Anyway, we got the downstairs (kitchen, pantry and living room) in reasonably good order – clean and with at least a start toward organization – before the heat got to us. Next work day, we’ll takle the upstairs rooms. Note to self – bring toilet paper. Met a few of our neighbors, had a big lunch (we did “lunch buddies” – you trade names and bring each other’s lunch – and we both just cleared out our leftovers and brought it all) and made some plans for next time. Sign-ups start next Tues, with kids coming in sometime after that (not sure when). I’m still hyperventilating a bit about being hip deep in kids, but I’ll probably be okay. 😀

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