A whole new world

Today we met our site supervisors for the coming year. My assignments are at an elementary school in the morning, working as a volunteer coordinator (a job I really didn’t want, but I’m going to trust the selection process and try to make it work for me) and an afterschool homework club in a housing development in the afternoons. I’m a little skittish about working in the projects housing developments (gotta learn the lingo), but willing to learn. More scared about working with so many kids. Gah. What have I gotten myself in for?

Today was the “whirlwind tour” as Tammy put it. Tomorrow, the morning is taken up by a lecture on childhood development (we have to dress up) and an afternoon of getting our sites ready for kids (for which we will change and get grungy). I’m teamed up with someone I think I’ll really enjoy working with at the homework center, so it should be fun and challenging if nothing else.

The talked me into going out tonight to the local pub quiz night, apparently something they all really get into. Having worked in bars and nightclubs for nearly a decade years back, I’m rather “meh” about the whole thing, but it’s not like I’ve got anything else to do, so I went. Probably won’t be an every week thing for me, but once in a while it’s okay. So no long blog post tonight. I gotta get up early and be pretty doing it.

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