First day fun

Today was the first day of training for the coming year. We got our obligatory binders, which will slowly fill up with calendars, policies, rules, paperwork and all manner of dead-tree remains over the next few weeks of orientation. Today was a light day – mostly getting to know the crew (16 of us at this point), playing some personality exploration games and even an afternoon town-wide scavenger hunt designed to get us familiar with the town and the bus system (which is having a cool 90 day promotion – free rides for everyone until November). My team was a whole hour ahead until we made the mistake of sitting in the shade 20 feet away from the bus stop, rather than standing in the sun at the corner to roast, resulting in the earlier bus going right by us without even slowing. D’oh! LOL!

It’s much the same as I remember it from my last tour’s orientation – lots of stuff to remember, not enough onboard RAM to do so. 🙂 This time around, though, I’m thankfully aware that you don’t have to memorize it all at once, since those involved will gladly walk you through stuff like timesheets and service projects when the time comes to do them in real time. That, and remembering most of what I learned last go around, means that this time I’ve got more time to relax and enjoy observing the others instead of white-knuckling my binder frantically scribbling notes.

Tomorrow, we’ll be going out to Tammy’s (supervisor) house for more training. Supposed to be nice out at her house (it’s out of town in the mountains). I’m looking forward to it.

I’m still up in the air regarding my transportation situation. I’m thinking I can get by on two wheels once I’m in town. It’s getting into town that’s the issue – do I rely on hubs or the not-entirely-reliable bus system? Still early days, though. Hubs has an interview for some great paying work this week. With luck, he’ll get that and then we’ll be closer to having his schedule nailed down, which will in turn allow me to make informed choices about my own stuff. In any case, I hope to have a car by the time cold weather gets here.

Applied for food stamps the other day. Dunno if we’ll qualify, what with hub’s and my work (even though our last two months were scarce and all of it spent in the move). Worth a try, anyway, since nothing I make at Americorps even gets counted for qualification purposes. I do have some regular income coming in, though, so even if we don’t, we won’t starve. It’s just that every little bit helps. The office brings in stuff from the food banks they’re affiliated with from time to time that we can all paw through and split up as needed. Plus there are some other unexpected perks like a free clinic for sniffles and free memberships to the YMCA (or YWCA, if you happen to end up in that assignment). So that’s cool.

Gotta go – been up late indulging in a long-overdue (and, expense-wise, currently rare) treat of an evening of fine Indian dining. (And fine it was – India Garden, in the shopping center across from the big mall. Superior food, excellent service, quiet atmosphere. Too high priced for regular dining until our income goes up dramatically, but I will be going back for my birthday!) Getting up early tomorrow, so early to bed tonight. Ta!

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