Hey, I made it!

The trip went well (well, as well as a 14 hour trip in a pickup truck packed to the gills with “priority survival” worldly goods and two cats in the front seat can go, that is) and after a few whirlwind weeks of apartment hunting, house-setting-up shopping, utility turning-on and general moving in mayhem, we are settled in and live. Phone works, internet works, most recently due bills are paid and I’m broke enough to scare myself, but not so broke as to lose bowel continence. So, that’s a plus. 😀 You can read more about the whole moving adventure on my personal blog.

Anyway, I’ve got some existing checks and some potential work coming in during these two interim weeks before my Americorps service starts, I was smart enough to pay rent a month in advance when we got here (so I wouldn’t be tempted to spend the money elsewhere, which I always am) and we’ve already been to the Farmer’s Market to stock up on fresh fruit and veg, so we’re doing okay. I’m still puzzling out transportation – for the period of orientation, hubs should be able to drive me to and from since it’s all happening in one building (as far as I know). But when work starts for keeps, I’ll have a morning assignment and an afternoon assignment that will, given Murphy’s Law, be at completely opposite ends of the county from each other and to which there will be a mid-day commute. And that won’t work for hubs, assuming he has regular work by then, which he should.

I’m looking at getting a $1000 late 80’s Volvo wagon. They’re ugly, but run like tanks. 100,000 miles on the engine is just a warm-up. And that’s the gas engines. No telling how long the diesels hold up. I’ve seen a few in the local IWANNA buy-sell-trade pages, so it’ll happen sooner or later. That, or a similarly aged Jetta. Also a tank, but marginally prettier (about which I care not a whit, to be honest – the uglier the car, the less likely someone is to steal the damn thing).

Anyway, that’s where things stand right now. More on the continuing saga when anything of note happens.

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