Meeting the team, moving update

Starting to get emails and intros from the rest of the team that I’ll be working with. They sound like a they’re going to be an interesting group of people. A number of them have done stuff I never got to do (road trips to Vegas, overseas studies, that sort of thing) so I’m looking forward to learning from them and hearing their stories. To me, new people are like books I haven’t read – full of potential for showing me whole new worlds of stuff I never knew existed. Very exciting.

As far as the move goes, looks like we’re heading out Tues night, so I can drive through most of Tenn when traffic will be lowest, and also so we can hit the mountains in daylight. I really need to get off my rear and make hotel reservations. Those first few days are going to be gonzo nuts trying to find an apt before our hotel money runs out. Gah. other than that, everything is pretty much on schedule. Going up to Mom’s for a last-hurrah goodbye potluck with the family. That ought to be a blast!

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