2001 Build-a-thon Day 6 (Fri, May 11)

Last day of the build-a-thon, most notably reflecting on how weird it is to get to know a large group of people from all over the country over the course of a year (the various eastern region Americorps/HFH affiliates got together repeatedly during the various orientations, retreats, trainings and service events) and then realize that you’ll probably never see them after the day’s end. That’s one of the best and worst things about Americorps – making tons of great friends, bonding over work and ideals, then splitting apart after the term of service is up. You always intend to stay in touch, but just like with college, the military and other such situations, it rarely happens.

Day 6, Friday

Last day! Almost overslept. Hot, hard work, lots of e-mail exchanging and the such. Did siding most of the day, kept abusing my thumb despicably.

Lost of real veggie food at the [after-party] picnic, although I had to settle for PB&J (again!) for lunch. Hummus, tabouli, falafal, pita and the works! Got my [build-a-thon] T-shirt signed by mulititudes of Americorps members. WE got at least 1/2 of the siding up, the shingles on, etc. Doors and windows up and in yesterday.

Bavariafest seems to be the end-all for the group, although we will probably go to a movie.

[Later] Saw A Knight’s Tale – pretty good. Long drive home – hard to believe that I’ll probably never see 95% of these people again. Happy/sad.

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