2001 Build-a-thon Day 5 (Thur, May 10)

Next to last day of the build, out at Wilson, one of the sattelite sites. My luck finally ran out and I got stuck with insulating. 😀

Day 5, Thursday

In Wilson today, putting up sheetrock and stuffing insulation into wall junctions. I’m coverred in the stuff. The site has a dog, an exceedingly energetic retriever-type named Hannah. Tres cute. Lunch at Western Sizzling. Okay – buffet stuff. The site is in the historic district, and the surrounding houses are very nice. The president of the historical society lives just kitty-corner from the site, so they have to use certain porch posts and rails, but all in all the historical commision is letting them slide on some minor bits. The land was donated. My arms are all itchy! Yuck! A shower will feel really good tonight.

Dinner was great – veggie lasagne and praline-topped sweet potatoes! There was a big presentation ceremony afterward – all of the site coordinators and such got certificates of thanks (suitable for framing, no doubt!) and Jim Griffin, who is leaving his SC Americorps Regional Coordinator job to go back into agricultural lobbying – from whence he came – at the end of this year. (BOOOO!) We all signed a white cook’s apron for him and his affiliates made him a plaque consisting of a hammer hung w/measuring spoons on a board that was burned w/their words of thanks and appreciation. Too cool! Tee shirts were then handed out for the Build-a-thon.

The open mike nite was a stunning success. I disconvered that many of my fellow Americorps members are possessed of wonderful musical (and other) talents. Much picking and grinning, some skits, Dylan’s free vers rap-poetry and a favorite from his group Jew Tang Clan (from the old shul!). The all around neatest was “electric washtub,” wherein Jim’s washtub bass was amplified by placing the mike under it and manned by a highly energetic Americorps member, and a good portion of the dining hall’s pots, pans, grills, utensils, and broom were brought forth to raise a noise that was exceedignly joyful! And loud!!! Even Carhartt the dog got into the act!

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