2001 Build-a-thon Day 4 (Wed, May 9)

The fourth day of building, wherein I bemoan the perils of being a vegetarian volunteer.

Day 4, Wednesday

ANother nice day – it’s been an absolutely beautiful week for building, mid-50s mornings to 70s in the day – although in the direct sun it gets hot! Thought if might rain as there were heavy gray clouds AM, but no such bad luck! We’ve been avoiding Hwy 1 (Capitol Blvd) to avoid the traffic, but our alternative route (Six Forks Rd) has a section that is under repair and has been the source of much grumbling and complaining. Possibility of a Dunkin Donuts run tomorrow AM.

Day’s end found us finishing the housewrap, installing windows and completing the roof sans one truss (irritatingly enough). Days are bracketed by lively debate (ribbing!) vis a vis vegetarians vs meat munchers, with various assaults on other personal habits and tendencies thrown in for good measure!

Today’s lunch was a NC pork/chicken extravaganza. Many of our state’s farmous feed animals gave their lives for today’s repast. Alas, the wonderful church ladies are not cognizant of the whole concept of vegetarians, so last minute bin of PB&J (on whole wheat, in it’s favor) was concocted to go with the cole slaw and hushpuppies. Yum! (Okay, so the potatoes were good, too.) I scarfed on the hushpuppies, of course.

Finally got a camera last night – an Eckard “free film for the life of the camera” camera! Cool!Been taking photos – got a good one of [regional HFH/Americorps coordinator Peter Rumsey] Peter’s kid with one of the dogs that are ubiquitous on the site. Too cute. [note: no idea where these pictures are today, except I know I sent the one of Peter Rumsey’s kid to him.] [Update: found them. I’m getting them digitized and hope to have them up next week sometime.]

Hot, tired, happy. Spend most of my days like that. Took me 1/2 hour to get up the umph to un-boot myself after I got in. Dinner was massive – stuffed peppers, coleslaw, roasted taters, sweet taters, boiled cabbage and garlic toast! Goodberry’s brought out ice cream! YAH! I got seconds (after everyone else had gone through, of course).

Lot of the group going out swing dancing at a Raleigh club – out too late for me, I’m afraid, but sounded like fun. Finally time for a luxurious shower as opposed to a “hit & miss, before dinner’s gone” affair.

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