2001 Build-a-thon, Day 2 (Mon, May 7)

In this entry, I’m with a group in Tarboro, NC working to rebuild some of the damage still remaining from 1999 Hurricanes Floyd and Dennis.

Day 2, Monday

Framing! The other choice was siding and insulation. There was a noticable crush for the van going to Tarboro! [hint: no one wants to put in fiberglass insulation, especially iwhen it’s hot out!] Had a great day – got lots done. Our supervisor (Mark?) was well prepared and very helpful. Personally, I framed a 2×6 wall, did a bit of odds and ends framing, helped put up truss bracing (galvanized stabalizers – something new and a vast improvement over wood blocking!), help put up a soffit ladder (sub-facia), truss bracing and catwalk. Got a few blisters, had a ball! We ([my new-found friend] Cassy and I) made truss monkey noises all afternoon – no doubt to the amusement of all around us! [I do a killer chimpanzee impression] Crawling around up there is still a bit wobbly for me, but it was cool to do it.

Lunch was PB&J, fritos and gatorade. Yum – lunch of champions! After work we got a “horrors” tour of the flood damage wrought by Floyd and Dennis. They had 20′ of water in some areas. Saw plenty of houses still condemned and standing. Saw the new school finally being finished (the old one was totalled – only the roof vents of the school buses were about water). Saw the new HFH houses. Nice little cul-de-sac.

The trip took over an hour each way, in a big van/bus. There were 12 of us. We bought strawberries [from a roadside stand] on the way back, which were passed around to the delight of all! Made it back just in time for dinner, w/8 minutes to spare for a hosedown of a shower.

Dinner was a Tex-Mex rice and beans. Good stuff! Actually tried a few rounds of hackey sack. Fun! Hope to get a little sleep soon!

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