2001 Build-a-thon, Day 1 (Sun, May 6)

Notes taken from a week-long build-a-thon and support build that I attended as part of my first year of Americorps service with Durham, NC Habitat for Humanity. In this entry, I have arrived at the campground where we where housed and am settling in, which was also inhabited by an Indian Guide group and several other guests. Notes in [] are for clarification or for commentary, as my journling tends to be a bit shorthandish and skips around.

Day 1, Sunday

Exhausted from work Saturday night (in bed 4am, been up since 6 that morning) [during my year of service, I frequently worked weekend nights to make ends meet], got up 10-ish, had Waffle House – to no discernible effect. Pulled up at [Camp] Kanata at 3:30 pm. Signed in at the dining hall, signed “thank you” sheets for the 5 churches who are providing our lunches this week. Hang out, try not to fall asleep in one of the front porch rockers!

Lots of folks I haven’t seen since orientation – the Sandtown (Baltimore) guys and gals are here in all their vociferous glory. Chef Jim Griffin is is full voice with his tub bass band between bouts in the kitchen making spaghetti dinner (yum, as always). [We were incredibly lucky to have Jim, who was a coordinator for another HFH/Americorps group, cooking for us. The man was a genius in the kitchen.]

Lots of kids all around. The Indian Guides (Princes and Princesses) have raided the camp and are everywhere! Dogs, too, both the camp’s and the Americorps’ (Wade, as usual, is accompanied by Tommy, much recovered from here gunshot wound [Tommy is a girl dog, rather adored by all of us, who was rescued by Wade and who travelled with him wherever he went. Someone shot at her sometime during the course of the year, much to the dismay of her ‘corps family.]). Homeowners are introduced.

After dinner, there is much organizing. I elect to go to Tarboro tomorrow, since we are rotating out there as well [to help in the ongoing recovery effort from 1999 hurricanes Floyd and Dennis]. Marcel is flying around like an old grandmother laying out thanksgiving dinner trying to organize everything! Such energy, and that smile!

Can’t get [hubby] Thom on the phone – internet, no doubt. Bedtime! Cabin 8 – Seneca cabin, in the Indian roster of tribally-named cabins.

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