Americorps/HFH monthly notes for June 2001

Final page of notes from my previous year of service with Americorps/Habitat for Humanity.

Accomplishments and Challenges:

My biggest challenge this month is fighting “senior-itis” – trying to focus on the here and now when my “graduation” from Americorps is so close at hand. There is a lot to consider with the comeing of July, and it has sometimes been hard to prioritize my energies.

After running through an evaluation of my performance this year with my spervisor, I have also been using these last months to work on my weak areas. (Showing initiative is the most troublesome issue – I’m more of a follower than a leader – as is truly melding with a team – I’m more comfy working alone.) My supervisor is helping me in this area and says that I’m showing some improvement. I hope so – I’m working hard on it.


Still working on it, as a matter of fact. I’m just one of those people who much prefer to work independently and under my own steam, or if I have to be part of a group, then as a foot-soldier rather than as the leader. The reason’s simple – I have a hard time letting others do stuff when it’s easier to do it myself, and I always have this innate belief that I can do it better (although if I know it’s not the case, I still want to try).

I also want to be in the position of either having total control over my actions or none at all. That way, I either know it’s being done right (or as right as I can make it, which is saying a lot given the fact that I’m a perfectionist, a sponge of information and a tad OCD), or I’m not responsible for it being done poorly (just following orders). To be in a position of carrying out instructions or plans that are obviously or potentially crap, and being held responsible for doing so, makes my head explode. 😀

On the one hand, it makes it easy for me to run and operate my own business (which I do). On the other, it makes teamwork a bit of a challenge, although I must say I’m much better at it than I used to be, thanks in no small part to my year of service. And I’ve gotten far better at the whole initiative thing, too (got to, when your paycheck depends on you putting your butt in the chair and getting the work done, with no boss breathing down your neck).

I have to say, being in Americorps, working on a team and getting such useful feedback and help from my supervisors pushed me to grow up a lot in terms of getting stuff done and working with others, for which I have been repeatedly and deeply thankful.

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