Americorps/HFH monthly notes for April 2001

Another installment of the archive of notes from my previous year of service with Americorps/Habitat for Humanity.

Accomplishments and Challenges:

April was a “taxing” month (pun intended), as we owed money come the 16th due to my husband’s work. Combined with a few extra car repairs (AAARGH!), this has made for a scrape and scrounge month. However, the light at the end of the tunnel is there – however distant – and I can feel some of the pressure letting off.

We also had some setbacks, work-wise, at HFH – mostly trying to get final inspections that never seemed to come. Finally (2 weeks late) they passed and our homeowners moved in (much to their relief, and to the relief of their landlords, no doubt). All’s well that ends well, they say – which is (joy of joys) the title of the play that a local theater group has donated tickets to us for us to see! Fun Fun Fun!


One of the cool perks of being in Americorps is that sometimes you get stuff like free theater tickets and discounts from folks who appreciate the work you’re doing and want to say “thanks.” Nothing you can count on, of course, but it usually happens.

The note about the homeowners and their landlords refers to the fact that, due to a personality conflict between our staff and the local code inspectors, we were seriously late getting homeowners out of apts they were already supposed to be out of and into their homes (which were done, and done right, but not approved for habitation without the permit pass). Piddly, petty stuff like that sucks, but it’s a part of everyday life, service included. You just gotta roll with the punches and come up smiling.

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