Why a service journal?

Along with being a life coach and an Americorps member, I am also a working professeional writer. One of the things I wanted to do when I got this gig was to keep a journal of my experience.


Well, for starters, because I’m a writer and that’s what writers do. We write. It makes us itchy if we don’t.

Secondly, I didn’t keep one of my last Americorps experience and I regret it. It would have been nice to have more than the few back-of-time-sheet notes I saved and a handful of pages written during a Build-A-Thon campout to look back on now. (I may try to go back and reconstruct at least a summary of my prior experiences in essay form as part of this blogging exercise.)

Thirdly, I wanted to create a resource for people who were considering joining Americorps to learn what really goes on in the course of a year of service – the good, the bad and the ugly – so that they can make an informed decision and get a head start on preparing for their tour. Plus, I figured it’d also be nice to have a resource for other Americorps members to get ideas, share experiences and see how others are doing things. (If you know of anyone else keeping a blog of their Americorps experience, let me know! Send to my email on the sidebar and I’ll post the links.)

Finally, after it’s all said and done, I hope to be able to write a book about my experiences and the experiences of others in the ‘corps, as a way of sharing this “insider knowlege” with potential members, other organizations who have or are considering using Americorps members and the general public (along the lines of these Peace Corps books).

Dunno if that’ll ever happen, but at the least I should be able to get a ton of articles out of it, share my experiences and the experiences of others and have something to look back on when it’s all over. And it’ll be fun. And keep me from getting itchy. A good deal all around.

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