Hello world!

Welcome to Getting Things Done: A Year of Service. My name is Soni Pitts. I am a writer, a life coach, a free-range bon vivant and an Americorps member.

Actually, I’m a two-year member – I served a 2000-2001 term with Americorps/Habitat for Humanity in Durham NC. This time around, I’ll be serving with Project Power in Asheville, NC, where I will be helping the ChildrenFirst organization provide services and help to at risk youth in the area.

This is a big step for me. I’m not what you might call a “kid person.” In fact, for most of my life, I’ve been loathe to get within 20′ of kids on general principle. But I’m also a life coach and a “graduate” of an at-risk youth myself, and I have come to the conclusion that not only do I have something valuable to offer to kids in this circumstances, in terms of experience, knowledge, inspiration and training, but that having it requires me to do so.

The reason is simple – the world we all live in will be formed and shaped by today’s kids. If I can do something to nudge that future towards something better, then I can’t turn my back on that. And after all, I’ll be living there, too. Just like anyone else, I want the best future for myself that I can create. Helping today’s kids become stronger, smarter and more abundantly-minded adults for tomorrow is a great way to do that.

Another reason I’m doing this is that as an at-risk youth, I was helped immeasurably by similar groups and people – Girl Scouts, school counselors and teachers, professional at-risk youth practitioners and so on. That I can even begin to give some of that back is a great feeling and a wonderful opportunity to pay those debts forward.

Finally, I’m doing it because I’ll be moving to the Asheville area after having lived in Missouri for several years. I don’t know anyone in Asheville, but I am in love with the area and have chosen it to be my “final resting place,” as it were. As a service-oriented professional and a new Asheville citizen, spending a year in an Americorps project greatly enhances the feeling of coming home and having friends and family waiting. The fact that I don’t know my supervisors and fellow ‘corps members yet it immaterial. I’ve done this once before, remember. I know what I’m in for and “instant family – just add water” is pretty darn close.

As to why I’m writing this blog, well, that’s another story altogether. I’ll save that for the next post.



2 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Bill Byford RN

    Hello Soni:

    I’m amazed there hasn’t been a response to your message. I believe in the principle of Americorps, and in the basic reality of the communal enterprise. If we have a future, I think this is where it’s at.

    If my email address doesn’t show up, it is: emaho1944@hotmail.com. My home phone, which I share with few others: 865-438-5366.

    I did a Google search on Navajo Spirituality and stumbled across you. I’d like to talk and share thoughts, if you’re willing.

    Blessed Be,


  2. Sorry I didn’t approve this earlier. The notification was going to an old email I haven’t been using. Fixed that.

    Oh, and hi!

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